Our goal: raise money in the name of love for GLIDE.

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The 30Love is a worldwide charitable art project.

We're asking everyone around the globe:
What does love mean to you?

To be part of The 30Love: submit a personal photo and quote about love. In exchange,
you'll donate to GLIDE, a charity serving the poor and homeless in San Francisco.

GLIDE believes that unconditional love and radical inclusivity
break the cycles of poverty and marginalization.

  • Lisa Wiseman
    Lisa Wiseman

    Photographer / 30Love Creator

    "Love is all there is."

    San Francisco


    30Love Beneficiary

    "Love unconditionally."

    San Francisco

  • Jessica Dragotto
    Jessica Dragotto

    Graphic Designer / 30Love Designer

    "Love is daring."

    San Francisco

  • Victor D'Agata
    Victor D'Agata

    Programmer / 30Love Lead Developer

    "Love's the way to change the world."

    Santa Fe, Argentina

  • Josh Lando
    Josh Lando

    Programmer / Constellation Developer

    "Love is the greatest gift."

    San Francisco

  • Leonardo Heis
    Leonardo Heis

    Programmer / 30Love Backend Dev.

    "Love is the flower of life."

    Santa Fe, Argentina

  • Stephanie Watanabe
    Stephanie Watanabe

    Producer / 30Love Producer

    "Love is life."

    Oakland, California

  • Lou Lesko
    Lou Lesko

    Writer & Director / 30Love Advisor

    "Love is a four letter word when you're not in it."

    Sausalito, California

  • Nico Oved
    Nico Oved

    Photographer / 30Love Photo Assistant

    "Love is what we all have in common."

    San Francisco

  • Alisa Simonds
    Alisa Simonds

    Editor / 30Love Video Editing

    "Love is an awesome force."

    Oakland, California

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    Cinematographer / 30Love DP

    "Love is free, but it spends anywhere."

    Richmond, California

  • Javier Olivieri
    Javier Olivieri

    Analyst / 30Love Business Analyst

    "Love is giving attention and dedication."

    Santa Fe, Argentina

  • Johnny Hi-Fi
    Johnny Hi-Fi

    Musicians / 30Love Music Stuff

    "Love is caring about someone more than yourself."

    Oakland, California

  • Light Waves Imaging
    Light Waves Imaging

    30Love Photo Lab

    "Love is sharing images with the world."

    San Francisco